A mysterious cube, you are tasked with finding all different ways to die. Are you driven by curiosity? Desperation? Strive for liberation? No matter, that's what you have to do to feel complete.

This game is a submission to One Game A Month #8 with the theme Death is Good, and was developed by a team of six during January'22.

How to play

You control a mysterious cube. Find all different ways to die to achieve cube nirvana. Creative thinking is more important that agility.


  • "A/D" or "Left/Right" to move left and right
  • "Space" to jump

Development team


Art and Visuals

  • Kris Akhurst

Music and SFX


Download 33 MB
Download 32 MB
Download 42 MB


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i have not found all deaths. But nice game, good idea!

Thanks!! Glad you enjoyed it :) Some deaths require.. out of the box thinking :)


We found 6 but could only do 5! Curious where the rest are 🤯


6 is an unusual number to find! You are pretty much guaranteed to have come across a solution that guides you to another - it will either be similar, or be helpful in finding the other solution. The other 2... Either be explorative or observant... The solution might be staring in your face all the time!