A prisoner to the mysterious dungeon, you wish to find your way out. Explore the maze to activate the hidden switches that will open up your path to rescue. But beware - with every flip of a switch the challenge becomes harder and harder.

This game is a submission to One Game A Month #7 with the theme Unexplored World, and was developed by a team of four during December '21.

How to play

You control a prisoner who is trying to escape. The escape door is blocked - you need to activate 3 switches to open your escape route - but every time you activate a switch, a new obstacle appears. Stay on high alert and you should make it out of there.


  • "ASWD" to move around

Development team



Visual Effects

Sound Effects


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Development log


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V Cool :)


hehe thanks!


Cool :D



Great stuff!

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Glad to hear :)


Very cool! Hate the monsters, in a good way 😀

Thanks for playing! :)